Travel safety and self protection for women

What is Mango Verde about?

In workshops and personal training Mango Verde helps women to increase their self confidence and to overcome their doubts and fears and to have the courage to follow their heart through practical self defense, self protection and mental training.  

Mango Verde shows you how to trust in yourself and your own abilities and encourages you to break new grounds by teaching you how to identify, understand and manage your fears. You learn how to channel fear into power, to experience your boundaries and go beyond them.

Practical self defence should only be the last resort. This page is about self protection and self confidence.  About how to avoid getting into a potentially dangerous situation, to identify and classify it and to improve and apply the own abilities. Everyone of us has those abilities deep down inside and I show you how to use them.

Knowledge protects. Knowledge sets free. The better you know yourself, your skills and your limits, the more self confidence you will develop. The more self confidence you have, the safer you feel and this reflects in your body language and charisma. And this makes your free – free to really enjoy and experience your travels and every day life. Free to openly approach foreign people, to get involved with other cultures and to grow.

When we are insecure and afraid, no matter if in every day life or while traveling, we cannot enjoy our environment, adventures and experiences, we cannot engage or grow. Many of us already had bad experiences in life and built up fears and blockades that are not easy to overcome.


Mango Verde helps you to identify and overcome those fears by teaching you how to channel fear into power. Through knowledge, specific training and developing your skills Mango Verde helps you to gain more self confidence and inner freedom.

In my workshops and personal trainings you learn the early detection and avoidance of danger, correct body language, safeguarding of your privacy, easy to learn and highly effective methods of self defence and imparts based on fact expertise that can save your life.





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