…and I am traveling the world 

I am female and I travel alone, even to the most remote places – and you can do that, too!

Many times we hear that women should not travel the world alone – too dangerous, she is helpless and cannot defend herself, the perfect victim. 


As a female solo traveler I often experience warmer welcomes, more helpfulness and better insider-information from locals than travelling with a partner or in a group. But I can understand that many of you have fears and doubts and worried friends or family members try to prevent you from doing what you want to do. Others already made bad experiences – while traveling or at home or simply do not feel self confident enough.

Self confidence and safety

I am a world traveling self defense & self protection instructor and mental trainer and have visited more than 40 countries so far. I had to experience violence and master several crises and life tests myself. I teach you how you strengthen your self confidence and how to handle your fears, doubts and blockades and how to finally overcome them.

Self defense, self protection and travel are three things that match perfectly because they all teach you a lot about yourself and has a huge positive impact on you personal development.

When traveling we do not have an everyday life and have to live outside our comfort zone what helps us handling changes in our life and environment easier. The more we are together with foreign people and have to adjust to foreign cultures the more flexible, tolerant and open we become. Sometimes we reach our limits and learn how to expand them; we find character traits we didn’t know they exist – positive as well as negative ones. We learn to value things we took for granted and see that it is about the little things that make life worth living.

Self defense starts in your head

Similar experiences you have with self defense.  In training we can have unpleasant situations that we must learn to accept and handle. We discover skills we never knew we had and with changing training partners we practice to step up and adjust to foreign people. Self defense keeps your body and mind fit, strengthens your self confidence and serves as stress reduction. Especially in combination with a life on the road it can become a way of life.

Nevertheless self defense should be the last resort and that is why you learn in my workshops how to early detect and avoid potentially dangerous situations, you learn about how a criminal mind works and how/why a victim is chosen, a stranger’s impression of you, how to improve your body language skills, de-escalate critical situations, develop and use your natural abilities, how to handle fear and panic attacks, travel and country related do’s and don’ts and last but not least practical self defense.

Your whole life is a long and wonderful journey – make it more colourful and never stop following your heart because of the fears, doubts and opinions of others!

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Stay safe!