Personal Training


Private, individual & effective

Your individual personal training is designed for your personal needs only – you decide when, how often, where and what we train. It can be practical self defense, your individual travel planning and travel preparation or mental training after bad experiences, in crises, uncertain situations, new perspectives etc.

Together we agree on the contents of the personal training, depending on your theme, and decide how the training will look like. Mental training sessions can be held via Skype and do not require a personal presence. This makes it flexible and location independent for both of us.


Personal Training as individual group training

On request I also train small groups from 6-12 people in practical self defense and all aspects of self protection and travel safety.


For money savers

If you are interested in regular personal training you can get a discount on bookings from 5 hours and save money.

Tell me what you want to do and receive your individual offer!


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