Increase your self confidence with self defense & self protection


– Body language / Situation awareness / conflict management / De-Escalation

  • How to become a hard target and unattractive for the offender
  • Inside a criminal mind: learn about behaviours of an offender
  • How to identify and avoid potentially dangerous situations
  • How do others see you? Develop an awareness for your body language & behaviour
  • Learn to trust your intuition & gut instinct

– Practical self defense

  • Learn a highly effective and easy to learn self defense method
  • Improve your physical awareness & body image
  • Boost your self confidence
  • How to define and keep your boundaries
  • Get to know your limits and learn to go beyond them



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16. & 17.02.2017



Dahab, Egypt


79,- Euro per person



Comfy clothing, sneakers, towel

Paper & pen

Bottle(s) of water and a snack


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