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Self defense, self protection & travel safety for women – for a better self confidence


Travel safety and self protection for women – what does that mean? Self protection includes everything that protects your body and soul, from your demeanour, situation awareness and behaviour over Know-How, self confidence and self-knowledge to practical self defence.  Self protection starts in your head. Knowledge is self protection because knowledge creates self confidence. The knowledge about your own skills, to know what you could if you had to, is very encouraging and strengthens your self confidence.

Every solo traveling woman should deal with the subject of self defence because unfortunately it is reality that a solo traveling woman is a more attractive and apparently easier target for a potential assailant than a man or a woman that is accompanied. Rapists for example look for women that are distracted, carry heavy luggage that makes them slow and inflexible or that appear insecure and anxious. Does the woman appear self confident and attentive, the potential assailant will look for another because he never looks for an opponent or a fight; he looks for easy prey.

My self protection workshops are not only self defense courses where you only learn how to avoid physical assaults but they strengthen your self confidence through knowledge and skills on all levels which creates safety and leads to inner freedom. Only those who feel safe and free can really enjoy and experience the day with all its occurrences.

Self protection and self defense does not have to be complicated. You do not have to train for years and years, collect colourful belts and certificates or do one exam after the other to improve your self confidence and travel the world safe and sound. You do not have to be super fit and well trained or Lara Croft to protect yourself. You already have it all and I show you how to activate and use it.

Sign up today for a workshop or personal training and have a look at my shop where you find heaps of useful stuff for your travels or every day life.

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