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The best backpack – being spoilt for choice

It’s not easy to find the perfect backpack. There are too many different types, models, shapes, colors and sizes on the market and especially beginners often tend to buy big and heavy ones that do not really fit their needs. But what are your individual needs? What do you want to do?

If you plan a long journey you should keep in mind that you will have to live for a very long time with and out of your backback and you should think about the volume and weight. In general I recommend “less is more” and my experience has shown that we pack a lot of “just-in-case-things” that we do not really need. Here you find more helpful info regarding packing and planning.

When it comes to my travel safety in combination with comfort, I do not make any compromises. In about 20 years of traveling I tried a lot of different backpacks and I want to share my experience with you. Here I show you my Top 3:

The number 1: 

 pacsafePacsafe Venturesafe– available in green and blue and three different sizes (45L, 55L and 65L) but I only use the 45l model because in terms of size and weight it meets the airline carry-on standards what gives me the freedom to travel only with carry-on and without check-in baggage.

The Venturesafe has a unique anti-theft system what makes traveling much more relaxed and safe. A very light and flexible built-in slashguard and puncture resistant zippers give thieves a hard time when your backpacked is hog-tied to a palm-tree while you are swimming in the ocean.

Another unbeatable argument: in case of emergency you can use your backpack as a puncture-proof protection vest and you have several possibilities to carry innocent looking weapons in the form of everyday items ready to hand. How you use them and how you stay mobile and flexible with your backpack on your back or in front of your belly I show you in my courses!



Number 2:


Deuter Traveller 60 SL– a great, middle-sized backpack from Deuter; the Slim Line is designed especially for women. Like the Pacsafe, the Deuter Traveller combines the best features of a backpack and a suitcase such as the easy opening system, opening from the front like a suitcase, where I can comfortably and quickly pack and unpack – other than packing vertically and leaving a disorganized mess.  The removable daypack is a plus and the padded, light and ergonomic back make it easy to carry, even for long distances.


Number 3:

OspreyOsprey Women’s Wayfarer 70L– elaborated and with many extras such as a padded laptop compartment, a lot of small pockets and a removable daypack that you can easily click to your shoulder straps and carry it in front of your belly. Can be also used as a simple travel bag/ duffel bag and is very resistant, persistent and with a high quality standard. I can recommend it for female backpackers that need to carry a bit more stuff, e.g. outdoor equipment,  and/or plan to go on a longer hike.




Also nice to have:



My perfect evening and party buddy! The small Pacsafe Slingsafe handbag with its anti-theft features is water resistant, sporty, trendy and with 4L roomy enough to carry everything you need for a day. Another plus: it is very light and comes in different colors.

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