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Autumn / Winter 2017

Self protection & travel safety


exact dates will follow soon!




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Participants comments


“My expectations have been met and exceeded because it was really great how you picked me up and although I was so much older than the other participants I did not feel I disadvantaged. The examples and situations have been realistic and from real life.”


“Everything was well explained and even for me as a beginner easy to implement.”


Workshop4  Workshop2




“Since this workshop I feel so much stronger and my self confidence got a huge boost. My whole posture improved a lot and I feel much more “straight” “


“A bit shocked I noticed how much anger there is inside of me. I never thought that I was able to give vent to my emotions because I often have a problem with that. “

img_2551    img_2502

“Of course I recommended your workshop already 😉 I would do it again any time because it is so liberating (probably saves you many sessions at the therapist 🙂 ) 
Besides, you have a huge talent to motivate people and get the most out of them.
Thank you for this amazing experience!!!”


“I would absolutely book you again. You brilliantly convey the topic and are able to adapt to anyone.”
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